• OPENNESS. Anyone with an interest in co-ops is welcome to attend and participate. People can come and go as they please. There are no membership requirements except respecting the circle’s rules and tenets.
  • RESPECT, EQUITY, and SOLIDARITY.  We all have different levels of knowledge; we come from different backgrounds and beliefs; we all have different co-ops that we work for, are helping start, or dream of.  But we are united by our common interest in co-ops, and on that basis, we strive to show solidarity and respect to one another toward the success and development of our cooperative efforts.
  • PARTICIPATION. While the core organizers (initially, Caroline and Nathan) will handle the bulk of the circle logistics, participants can help bring snacks, drinks, and funds to share, as well as contribute ideas about the topics, schedule, and activities of our gatherings.
  • ANTI-OPPRESSION. We acknowledge that each of us experiences different degrees of privilege and marginalization as a result of systematic oppression, and we are each and all responsible for confronting oppressive behavior.  Because co-operation requires respecting the equity and dignity of everybody, coercive, intolerant, aggressive, or abusive behavior is not welcome in this space.
  • CONCERN FOR COMMUNITY.  We aim to be sensitive to the needs of our communities by making our circle responsive and accessible to all.  Together, we’d like to become a group capable of supporting our co-op ecosystem in times of difficulty and organizing to align what we do toward meeting the needs of our neighbors.