Community Radio & Rep. Polis!

Next Study Circle: Governing Community Radio
August 15, KGNU Boulder
KGNU is a beacon of local, community-supported radio in the Front Range area, and it hosts our Study Circle’s monthly Co-op Power Hour show. KGNU’s model has a lot in common with cooperative enterprise. We’ll be joined by Tim Russo, a veteran of community radio networks in Central America who recently joined KGNU as station manager.
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Co-op Power Hour: Employee Ownership w/ Rep. Jared Polis
August 24, 6pm on KGNU 88.5 FM
This month on the radio, hear our interview with Congressman Jared Polis, who represents Colorado’s second district, and has been a leader in advancing legislation for employee ownership in Washington. He is also a leading contender in the race to be Colorado’s next governor. We’ll also hear from Halisi Vinson of the Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center on the challenges of building cross-partisan consensus on shared ownership, which we should all agree on.
Find the recording afterward on our website.

Ingram Co-op Potluck and Tour
August 13, 5:30 pm at 748 10th St. in Boulder
Boulder Housing Coalition is seeking out and helping to organize folks to help start our fourth permanently affordable housing co-op here in Boulder. If you’re interested, join us and other potential new co-op members for a potluck at Picklebric Co-op the evening of August 13. After dinner we’ll take a trip to the new house!
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Wanna chat? Our website now has a Slack-like (but open-source and non-spyware) RocketChat system built-in, so come say hi and let’s talk co-ops. It’s still not very active, so mention “@all” to get our attention.

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